Covid 19 updates


We will be open as normal during the lockdown


 You will  be required to wear a face covering when entering inside the premesis.


Please be aware that during these tough times we are not allowing customers inside the workshop, only the waiting room area and outside is open for customers. 


We are cleaning down all door handles, card machine buttons, etc. to minimize the risk of infection.

We have seats and benches scattered around outside several meters apart and a couple of seats in the waiting room again spread around.


Please feel free to stay in your car while the work is being done, but if paying by card you would need to come into the waiting room to pay.

If there is a need to close the shop we will say here so keep checking if needing to come in.


Until further notice we will have limited staff to help with social distancing. As of this there may be a wait during busy times. 


Sorry if your waiting time is longer than usual.




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