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As a local family business for over 25 years, we pride ourselves on good customer service which means giving you the best value for money.

New and Part worn tyres

Here at KMC Tyres we offer a very competitive rate on new tyres and also offer part worn tyres.

You can now also look at prices and order new tyres online on our new ordering website which is




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                                                GREAT NEWS FOR KUMHO TYRES!



Order on our website and save on Kumho Tyres.

Only available when ordered through that website only.



Kumho tyres have now brought in an Accidental Damage Warranty on new Kumho Tyres

How it works is if the tyre is unrepairable and has at least 3mm of tread left then you will receive a discount off a new kumho. How much money off you get depends on what tread depth is left. 

There will also be a small charge for the refitting, new valve, balancing and tyre disposal to be added which will cost £10.00.


For example, if the Kumho tyre had cost £80.00 is damaged and a new tyre is needed and has 90% of tread left you will get a new Kumho tyre for £18.00, (£8.00 for the 90% and £10.00 for the refit etc.)


So Kumho tyres offer peace of mind.

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