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Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

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Closed Sunday's and Bank Holiday's

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On Wednesday 22nd December we will be closing at 12.30pm due to a family wedding



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Order tyres on our website or call us to see what tyres we can offer you.

How to check the size of your tyre. Look for the following on the sidewall of your tyre. Above is an example of what to look for.





Unfortunately we are unable to offer Kumho tyres via the online ordering website.

We still can get Kumho tyres by giving us a call and most sizes available next day.

We do stock the most common sizes on the Kumho brand so please give us a call for prices and availability.



Accidental Damage Warranty on Kumho and Runway Tyres

Kumho and Runway tyres have now brought in an Accidental Damage Warranty.

If the tyre is unrepairable and has at least 3mm of tread left then you will receive a discount off a new Kumho or Runway,

how much money off you get depends on what tread depth is left. 

There will also be a small charge for the refitting, new valve, balancing and tyre disposal to be added which will cost upto £10.00.


For example, if the Kumho or Runway tyre had cost £80.00 is damaged and a new tyre is needed and has 90% of tread left you will get a new Kumho or Runway tyre for £18.00, (£8.00 for the 90% and £10.00 for the refit etc.)


So Kumho and Runway tyres offer peace of mind motoring.




(from Monday 22nd March 2021)


Unfortunately tyre prices are continuing to rise off the back of transportation costs driven by container shortages and port issues etc and costs of materials.   

We are continuing to absorb and mitigate as much as possible, but as there was an increase at the beginning of the year and now another increase at the beginning of March, so for now, we have had to increase the tyre prices. 

We have been told to expect costs to start coming down slowly sometime during the summer and once this happens, we will reduce the prices.


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